My name is Llorenç Martí García and I am originally from Palau-Solità i Plegamans, a small town near Barcelona. Today I live in Mountain View, California.

I have a Computer Science degree from University of La Salle Ramon Llull and I have certificates from University of Pompeu Fabra about game industry technologies.

I love to architect software and to productionalize ideas. My final career project was a fully functional deferred rendering 3D engine. In addition, I worked with a friend to release 2 iOS games. After that, I worked on the technology behind a 3D blocky worlds game which has not been shipped yet. Also, I released a tiny comic social network on the private network of my current work place (which reduced the productivity of some teams for some days). Now I am currently working on BlueSteel, a project benchmarking tool.

Feel free to check my CV here.

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