Red Gun

Red Gun is a time-crysis type of game inspired in the far west. I developed this game with Vital de La Torre. You can check the project here.

Initial Idea

The main idea behind Red Gun was to provide the user with a smooth game play while joining old far west themes with new iOS technology. From the very beginning we put extra care on the optimization to maximize the playable devices. We supported from the latest and more powerful devices to earlier ones like iPod Touch (gen 2).

Here you can see a video of Red Gun in action:

And here another one with its version 1.1:

Game Play

Thanks to iOS multi-touch technology we were able to introduce new ways of interaction while playing the game.

On the original Time Crisis game, the player had only one way of hiding from the enemy, a simple game state where you were able to reload your weapon and/or avoid incoming enemy fire.

Red Gun introduced a variant to that game play, allowing the player to hide on a common spot and reappearing from different positions. This was a selection made by the player with a simple swipe, which enabled him/her to react to the incoming enemy fire from different and strategic positions.


This was an amazing project that helped me understand and get a lot of experience on the game industry. Due to resource constraints, we were in charge of many roles at the same time, from game designers to developers and QA testers. It was hard, very hard, but rewarding at the same time :D

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