Space Dreads

Space Dreads is a Space combat game for iOS platform that I made with Vital de La Torre. You can check the project here.

Initial Idea

The main idea behind Space Dreads was to avoid the free first person 3D movement and focus on a 2D strategic movement. This allows the player to manage his ship in a more intuitive gameplay while still being part of a 3D world.

Here you can see a video of the game in action:

Game Play

The player can choose between three types of ships: Frigates, Cruisers and Dreadnoughts. Each one with its own advantages.

The Frigate is a very fast ship but it lacks fire power against the majority of the opponents. It has some perks agains very big ships.

The Cruiser is a ship focus on balance. It is good against Frigates but it can have hard times against Dreadnoughts.

The Dreadnought is a very slow ship with a very hard structure that allows it to take huge amount of damage before being destroyed. It can chain other ships to slow them down before releasing all the firepower.



Because we could not afford all the resources to keep a centralized game server, we took advantage of the peer to peer connection offered by Game Center on iOS. Also, to keep things simple, we did not implemented a master-slave protocol on the game, each client needed to trust all the other player messages, unfortunate but worked given all the limitations.



We spend a lot of time crafting the visuals of this game. There were a lot test and try with different techniques to build the space ships used on the game. Every family of ships have its own style and they are coherent across all their details.

We also spent a lot of time with the visuals of each one of the weapons used in the game. Literally we studied frame by frame how the animations were constructed until we achieved something that felt right for the game. It is amazing how the timing of different elements interacting together can work very well or just not at all.


This was a really fun project to work in. We learned a lot across many technologies, art, game play, etc. It was also interesting as a professional career builder because it touched almost every field that a normal video game would need on the current game industry.

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